Saturday, 14 May 2011

Eartha Sex Kitten

Puurrrfection does not come with more bite than that found in Eartha Kitt. This 1960’s catwoman makes our modern day choice of Anna Hathaway as the latest sex kitten badie look puurrfectic.

I remember watching ITV news one day after school, in which Eartha was a guest, but obviously as a much older lady being interviewed. She was captivating! Her personality I feel sure will stay unmatched in the homegrown stars of today. Her look combined cute and sexy in equal quantities and her face was truly cat like. No wonder her razor sharp cheekbones plus a button nose had Eartha putting Batman in a tizzy for years.

In addition to my focus on Eartha Kitt, it is Batman’s 72nd birthday this month. For some Eartha style, I have a little selection of Luella Bartley, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss fashion pictures in that trademark mask. The images of Eartha also include James Dean, try and spot him lurking in the background.

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