Thursday, 12 May 2011

Dunaway with it

So, I am working, Bonnie and Clyde by Beyonce and Jay Z come on, good at the time, not now end ov. However, the original movie of Bonnie and Cylde, with the closest thing to perfection combined with class the 70's had to offer, this being Miss Faye Dunaway, certainly is something to take a stylish note of. All of her movie roles at the peak of her career display a fashion icon, from The Four Musketeers to The Thomas Crown Affair she is a personal yummy favourite.

I chose to place Dunaway's images next to design house Chloe, under Hannah MacGibbon's creative eye, as I feel the brand certainly embodies Faye's look with their subtle glamourous gloss and ability to create potentially dated silhouette seem innovative.

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