Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Semi Organised

Terrible nights sleep. Almost failed today. Only witnessed 3 hours sunlight, in which 2 of those hours were in a seminar. Our tutor has also clocked than no one is doing the recommended 35 hours a week reading. In the words of Cher from Clueless "ehugh, AS IF!". But I do have to get my act together, FACT.
From my little Derwent room window is a loan ranger goose, attempting to cross University Road. Its like watching a murder happen. I may even shed a tear i I witness this horror. The Radio (URY) was amazing a while ago too. Was a dude on before one of my boyfriend's mateys, really smacked it as such. Even my BBFF Laurie said "Boom Booom pow". So, overall lickable day, but still more to be achieved.
Leeds tomorrow. Oh crap, serious riot of geese in road. Car crash TV to the max bitches.
Also I won a bottle of Champagne aka fizzy cheap apple juice on Sunday, then ranted on about how I got a first in PR, these two achievement therefore cancel each other out, but thought I'd still mention it :)