Saturday, 14 May 2011

Eartha Sex Kitten

Puurrrfection does not come with more bite than that found in Eartha Kitt. This 1960’s catwoman makes our modern day choice of Anna Hathaway as the latest sex kitten badie look puurrfectic.

I remember watching ITV news one day after school, in which Eartha was a guest, but obviously as a much older lady being interviewed. She was captivating! Her personality I feel sure will stay unmatched in the homegrown stars of today. Her look combined cute and sexy in equal quantities and her face was truly cat like. No wonder her razor sharp cheekbones plus a button nose had Eartha putting Batman in a tizzy for years.

In addition to my focus on Eartha Kitt, it is Batman’s 72nd birthday this month. For some Eartha style, I have a little selection of Luella Bartley, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss fashion pictures in that trademark mask. The images of Eartha also include James Dean, try and spot him lurking in the background.

Saint Joan of Arc, more like the Saint of pioneering metal into the silhouettes of female fashion I'd say. Regardless of my very shallow and aesthetically focused tone, this tragic 19 year old French glitterati you could undoubtedly say influenced female fashion. From the kick ass female empowerment themes to the innovative use of metal’s in clothing, her influence can be felt in our 90’s retro chain mail skirts to the D&G Dress gaga defines her lady lumps in.

For this little blog entry, there is a selection of artwork, movie stills and the catwalk creations all with a little Joan in mind. The single metal torso is by D&G, whilst the others are by the legendary Jean Paul Gaultier.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Dunaway with it

So, I am working, Bonnie and Clyde by Beyonce and Jay Z come on, good at the time, not now end ov. However, the original movie of Bonnie and Cylde, with the closest thing to perfection combined with class the 70's had to offer, this being Miss Faye Dunaway, certainly is something to take a stylish note of. All of her movie roles at the peak of her career display a fashion icon, from The Four Musketeers to The Thomas Crown Affair she is a personal yummy favourite.

I chose to place Dunaway's images next to design house Chloe, under Hannah MacGibbon's creative eye, as I feel the brand certainly embodies Faye's look with their subtle glamourous gloss and ability to create potentially dated silhouette seem innovative.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Onwards to the Haus shoot


Tomorrow is my first shoot as Haus Fashion Director BOOM BOOM POW POW. Got some sneak peak images that are our ideas behind the four fabulous shoots. A little taster of what is to come. Doing the Dirty Pretty Things tomorrow <3

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Sunday, 1 May 2011

One last smoke

Osama Bin Laden going bye byes <3

Let's put up some good'ens

I am going to be slick from now on, all fashion and no bant. However, here is a last send off of images made whilst lov'in a bitta fashion from ones own collection.