Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Morning After

So, that was me last night. I actually regret not going all out, if you know what I mean. Face paints, bling, persevering with my black gunky lip goo and just in general more, more, more. On the plus my boyfriend brought me a fabulous snow/halloween globe/bouncey ball with a pumpkin head and orange glitter within. Its truely the shit. Will take some arty pictures to put up.
Got too drunk last night too. Ended up jumping from a little wall, landing on my knees. Almost died. The party was good though. Did not maximise in the socialising front. A few times felt a bit like people were talking about me. Paranoia is a frequent friend that visits me in those situations. Humbug.
Now all my party animal block bitches are gagging to get on it again tonight. Honestly, I must be feeling my age or something. However, peer pressure is definately another associate of mine who is currently in the room with me. Out I go it is.

Tonights theme is Derwent Zombies, going to try and get my thriller on. Soundtrack to the night - The Nightmare before Christmas Marilyn Manson tune plus Cava. I am so easily pleased I swear.

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